Senior Women’s Div.1 – Rd.6 on Sat. 30th May 2015  

SW1 Weekly Round Up  

In the last game prior to the Rep weekend there were some interesting contests.  

Brisbane Valley were again denied their opening points of the season by a solitary goal to visiting Logan Uniting. Logan Uniting have had some narrow losses and were pleased to be on the right end of the ledger! West End continued to play champagne football and defeated hosts, Logan Metro, by 4-0. Blackstone United bounced back in a determined fashion after their loss to West End last week to continue the goal-blitz from two weeks ago. This time they won 13-0 against an understrength Salisbury Baptist. North Pine Baptist continued with their rich vein of form and defeated Raceview 1-0 in an extremely tight contest.  

The final match of Rd.6 was the block-buster game between Westminster Warriors and Rosewood United. The away side snuck home with the three points winning 3-2, in arguably one of the best games of the season. {See Match of the Day below.} There were some interesting onlookers on the hill at Redbank Plains, as the close-knit Blackstone United girls watched their opposition for Rd.7, Rosewood United.  

There are still no clear indications as to who will end up with the Premiership at the end of the season. West End have their noses in front on 16 paints, but the pack is circling, with Blackstone United, North Pine and Rosewood United on 15 points. Perennial women’s football powers, Westminster and Raceview are in 5th and 6th places respectively, a further 3 points behind, but you would be a fool to discount them!  

Club loyalties are put aside for a short break as the ladies join ranks and play for their zones at the Queen’s Birthday long weekend with the State Titles being held at Redbank Plains Reserve. The West Zone ladies look formidable, especially since they have one of the most experienced coaches in the QCSA, John Oliver. South-East and North will I’m sure put up a strong challenge to the Westies, whilst the Sunny Coast will be a surprise packet!?!  

Match of the Day  

Westminster Warriors 2 v Rosewood United 3(H/T: 1-3)  

Ref: Chris Cunningham      

Asst Refs: Brett Fitzgerald and Ethan Doran  


# Paul Janson /Sue Peacock (Westminster Warriors) &  

# Reyden Vejle / Paterina Holzapfel (Rosewood United)  

Watching the intensity of both teams during the warm up and the determination on the faces of the players at the commencement of the game, we were definitely in for a great contest!  

From the opening minutes, Rosewood United’s striker, Samantha Tooby, was unsettling the Westminster defence with great pace and intelligent runs. In the 2nd minute, she eluded the defensive trap and rounded the gk and chipped the ball back towards goal from an acute angle, but the ball went just wide and into the side netting.  

In the 5th minute, it was the home team’s turn to create an opportunity and with a great pass from Angie Sullivan, Marisa Maitland charged towards goal from the right flank and a powerful strike also snuck past the near post. Westminster were at it again in the 9th minute and produced the first of their many classical passing movements that mesmerised their opponents. After a number of passes, Marisa Maitland spread the ball left to Lauren Herring who cut the ball back into the penalty box and attacking the ball at pace – April Rustichelli hit a low first time shot – but was denied by a wonderful reflex save with outstretched legs by Rosewood’s g/k, Amber Lombard.  It’s moments like these sometimes where the momentum of the game can shift and Westminster’s brief period of dominance was halted by an act of brilliance by a goal-keeper, demonstrating the importance of this position at any level of the game.  

Rosewood United seemed to lift their tempo after this and in the next quarter of an hour begin to stem Westminster’s creativity in midfield and begin to tweak their attacking raids trying to break down the well-structured defensive set-up. In the 17th min, Peta Green ran on to a wonderful long ball from the half way and toe-poked the ball past Westminster’s g/k Maddison Fitzgerald, but by coming off the line and narrowing the angle down, she did enough to have the ball sail wide of the goal.  

Then, as has been the case in countless games this year, a six minute interval from the 30th minute had the spectators either out of their seats, or, mesmerised by the events that took place.  

Firstly, Rosewood’s Janita Taylor won the ball in midfield in a strong contest, sized up the situation and hit a cracking shot from 35 metres out that rocketed into the top corner of the net and it’s 1-0 to the visitors. {For those who saw Alexis Sanchez’s goal in the FA Cup for Arsenal – well there it is!!!}  

Not a minute later, Rosewood’s Peta Green receives the ball out on the left flank, (in front of the eagle eyes of the Blackstone United girls playing them in the net match) performs a wonderful turn and in one motion shoots at goal with an outrageous left-footed, inswinging and dipping shot from an acute angle to sneak into the top far-post corner. Two Rosewood United goals in less than a minute and both worthy of being in the top ten goals of the season!  

Not to be denied all the glory, Westminster’s Lena Sorensen receives a throw-in from the right sideline, swivels around and unleashes a wicked volley from 25-30 metres out that flies over the g/k, dipping viciously into the top corner of the net to make it 2-1 to the visitors in the 35th minute.  

Within a minute, Rosewood’s Janita Taylor pops up at the right flank and in front of the Westminster bench, on the right sideline, she unleashes another missile that ends up sailing over 50 metres and into the top corner of the net at the far post. It’s 3-1 to Rosewood United, but, I cannot recall ever seeing four goals of such quality, in such a short period of time. It was remarkable!!!  

Rosewood continue the attacking barrage leading up to half-time, but two opportunities to the ever-dangerous, Samantha Tooby, and a few more to her fellow strikers, are defused by some wonderful shot-stopping from Westminster’s goal-keeper, Maddison Fitzgerald.  

So it remains 3-1 to the visitors at half-time.  

The first 15 minutes of the second half is an intriguing affair, with both teams working hard for each other and the two defensive line-ups proving difficult to break through. Both coaches, Paul Janson (Westminster) and Rayden Vejle (Rosewood) should be applauded on the style of football that their teams play, with technical ability supplementing the athletic ability of their players. Whilst Rosewood United’s strength lay in their long-range shooting ability, Westminster’s passing was a sight to behold and time and time again, they put together a string of passes that their opponents could only watch and chase, like trying to catch a butterfly!  

Apart from a great one-two between Rosewood’s Samantha Tooby and Shauna Harper resulting in a shot sailing over the bar, the Westminster girls worked tirelessly to get a goal back. Westminster’s Lena Sorensen and Laura Kreis were in the thick of the action and caused many nervous moments for the Rosewood girls.  

The Westminster onslaught continues right throughout the 2nd half, briefly interspersed with an isolated attack by the Rosewood United team. In the 63rd minute, it’s Phoebe Lindburg to Lauren Herring to Lena Sorensen before a great save by Amber Lomard. In the 65th minute Lauren Kreis breaks through the defence but is denied by the ever-present Rosewood number 7. In the 67th min, Lauren Herring waltzes past three defenders and shoots at the g/k. In the 70th min, after some tough work in the middle of the park, Emily Smith releases Lauren Kreis, but, the Rosewood g/k proves to be a stumbling-block once again. In the 79th min, Lauren Herring passes to Angie Sullivan, but, a great save by the g/k again!!! Phoebe Lindburg whips across a couple of dangerous crosses in the 80th minute, but the desperate Rosewood defence clear the ball to safety.  

Rosewood finally break the shackles and create a couple of chances in the 82nd and 83rd minutes. Janita Taylor releases Samantha Tooby from the half-way line and as she heads at goal, the outstanding Nyomi Packowski chases her down and clears the ball to safety. Peta Green has a chance to extend the lead but another fantastic save from Maddison Fitzgerald denies her.  

After a dominant 2nd half, Westminster’s pressure finally results in a goal. Angie Sullivan put through Marisa Maitland in the 87th minute, as she beat the defensive structure of the visitors. A low shot is denied by the reflex save of Amber Lombard, but Lauren Kreis follow up from the rebound and makes it 2-3 with few more minutes for the home team to equalise.  

In the 88th minute, another exquisite passing sequence sees an opportunity for Westminster, but is denied by a desperate clearance by Madeline Lehmann. Moments later, Amber Lombard saves two shots down low in quick succession to hold out the Westminster onslaught.  

In the final passage of play Angie Sullivan and Lauren Herring have their shots blocked and in a goal-mouth scramble, the Rosewood girls were delighted to clear the ball high and long as the referee blew the final whistle. This signalled the end of a pulsating game that came down to the wire!  

The referee, Chris Cunningham had a great game by allowing the game to flow, and control anything silly in this tough battle before it got out of hand, and was well supported by Brett and Ethan on the sidelines. The coaches were superb in allowing their goals to play positive football with great-intensity throughout. But, it’s the players out in the middle who deserve most of the credit for their fantastic effort, great flair and technical ability, and the dogged, tenacious efforts from the defences, especially the outstanding goal-keepers.

Senior Men’s Div.1 – Rd.6 on Sat. 30th May 2015  

SM1 Weekly Round Up  

In the opening match of the round, the Latin Golden Boys and Blackstone United fought out a tough 2-2 with both teams remaining in the middle of the pack. St Pauls overwhelmed Whitehill by 8-0 and remain on top of the perch, as did Brisbane Athletic winning 5-1 away to Mansfield Eagles. North Pine Baptist travelled to the well organised Sunnybank Saints squad and came away with the spoils 4-3, and a place in the top four.  

The final game saw the exciting Westminster Warriors team come against an entertaining Logan Metro team, who have had some close results go against them, including the narrow 1-2 loss to St Pauls last week. Well, a bit of the same old story for the visitors, as Westminster scored two late goals to steal the points by winning 3-2 in a top game of football.  

To top it all off, I’m sure most of you stayed up for the FA Cup Final to see a magnificent exhibition of passing football and great goal-scoring by the Arsenal team. {Ahh, the joys of being a Gunners fan!}  

But then again, whether the action is in front of 100,000 people or maybe a dozen people and a dog – the thrills and spills of football and technical genius are still evident and the joy and passions are the same no matter where football is played!  

As per the ladies, this weekend sees club rivalries  thrown out the window as the rep teams battle it out for zone supremacy (a la State of Origin) with the hot favourites being the North Orange team!  

Match of the Day  

Westminster Warriors 3 v Logan Metro 2 (H/T: 1-1)  

Ref: Chris Cunningham  

Asst Referees: Elijah Steinhardt & Jordan Hubner  

Coaches: Nick Coker (WW) & Pat Castillo (LM)  

In a lively opening stanza, Logan Metro’s Bastian Carrasco rifles a shot had and low and Westminster’s g/k, Nick Coker, makes an excellent low save, the first of many great saves on the night. Moments later two well weighted crosses from either of Logan Metro’s wings has the home side back-pedalling and clearing the ball to safety. Whilst the game is fast-paced and entertaining, Logan Metro are creating the genuine opportunities at the stage.  

Tajeldin Legase almost puts Logan Metro on the scoreboard in the 15th minute after chipping the ball over his opponent and then unleashing a powerful low shot, but, is denied again by Westminster’s g/k, Nick Coker.  

Finally, a clear chance falls to the home team for Emmanuel Kpayah, after a brilliant passing movement on the left flank. He receives the ball on the left of goals and after side-stepping his opponent calmly places his shot, agonisingly wide of the g/k.  

In the 19th minute, Logan Metro’s Ali Mokrani unleashes a thunderbolt from 25 metres out and it grazes the bar as it sails over. A minute later, another powerful free-kick by Logan Metro’s Joshua Walton - but again, just wide. In the 25th minute Westminster’s g/k saves the day with an incredible point-blank save from Joshua Walton again, and the game remains at 0-0.  

The away team’s sustained assault on Westminster’s defence finally realizes their reward in the 25th minute. A brilliant move down the left with the artistry of Tajelind Legese getting away from his marker before cutting an inch-perfect pass to the penalty spot. A well-timed run sees Bastian Carrasco meet the ball sweetly with a first-time shot into the bottom left corner of the net. It’s 1-0 to Logan Metro!  

A couple of goal-mouth scrambles in Westminster’s attack in the 28th and 30th minutes are both foiled. But, Westminster’s surge brings results through a magnificent passage of play that had their opponents mesmerised. An inter-play of passes between James Pegg and Jean Minani, and the resultant shot is well saved by a diving g/k, George Videla. Stefano Hamisi connects from Yassime Bonaleu’s cross and the score is 1-1 and game on!!!  

For the next 15 minutes, it’s end to end football with countless chances created by the creative players on both teams. Note, the referee Chris Cunningham is not even noticeable as the players take centre stage, whilst the referee and his assistants go about their work without any fuss!!!  

At half-time, both teams can field justified in being reasonably happy with the score, although Logan Metro would have had more of the opportunities in this half.  

The 2nd half left of with more of the same although most of the play seemed to be played in the middle of park. This was all to change in the 57th minute when Logan Metro hit the front for the second time in th match with another well-worked goal. Ali Mokrani shifted the ball from the middle out wide to Tajeldin Legese. In another brilliant run and trickery, he evaded two defenders before squaring the ball back to Joshua Walton. A first time shot smashed the back of the net for the second time for the enterprising visitors and they now led 2-1.  

The game was a brilliant showcase of attacking football, with the defensive lines for both teams also demonstrating their passing, heading and tackling skills. Whilst the home team relied on their inspirational goalkeeper, Nick Coker, for inspiration, they were also well served by their creative central midfielder, Eric Congera. Over and over again, the little maestro would spray passes left and right, to bring into play his dangerous striking pair of numbers 14 (Jen Minani) and 15 (Kitungano Ngabunga). Like Legese for the visitors, Minani and Ngabunga were fast, very deceptive and could score goals.  

Just as it seemed that Logan Metro would take home the points, the game turned in a ten minute spell from the 75th minute. Westminster’s midfield maestro, Eric Congera, played a wonderful through ball to Ngabunga to run onto and toe-poke the ball past the oncoming g/k in a one versus one, with the remaining defenders left in the wake. As the scores were levelled at 2-2, the home team finally hit the lead for the first time in the match in the 85th minute in spectacular fashion.  

It was party time for the hosts as Jean Minani passed to Simon Taban, on to Eric Congera, who returned the pass back to Taban on the left flank. His cross was met by a header from Chan Akech to the back post where a thumping volley by Riak Chol found the back of the net. Simply irresistible football deserving more than the dozen or so spectators and a very bored dog, not versant with the complexities of a football match.  

A final attack by Logan Metro saw a great cross from Tajeldin Legese met by the header of Yaya Piui, but again, is thwarted by the safe hands of Nick Coker. The score remains at 3-2 in favour of the Westminster team.  

So, an end to a marvellous game of football that had everything positive, yet even in the great intensity and the pressure throughout the game, the players all played with heart, passion and good sportsmanship – a credit to each of the players and to the respective coaches for instilling this discipline required in team sports. Both goal-keepers, Nick and George, were inspirational with their shot-stopping, returning the ball back into play, and also outstanding in their communication throughout the match and urged on their respective teams to play at this high level.  

Finally, a comment on the loyal volunteers who are part of each one of our clubs. As the game was at a knife’s edge the Sue’s, Brett’s, Paul’s and John’s were cleaning up after a big day of football before heading home to their own families. Hopefully, all those players at their clubs (& their parents) take the time to say thank you every now and then, to acknowledge the selfless service that a number of wonderful people do throughout the week, but generally over a longer period of time on weekends.  

By the way, did I mention that Arsenal beat Villa 4-0 in the FA Cup…………….  J