QCSA 2020 Year in Review
2020 will go down in not only QCSA but also world history for being the year that Covid-19 hit. And with such an impact, we are thankful that the QCSA was able to hold an, albeit, shortened season.

Despite the shortened ten week season, we were able to see some fantastic football being played. 379 teams competed from Under 6s all the way up to Over 40s.

Each week fields were once again filled with the smiles and laughter of players as they competed strongly, but fairly, against opponents on the field, whilst making new friends off the field.

2020 also saw the Under 9s go from a full field to a smaller sized field, with many commenting on the success of the move. 2021 will see the Under 10s transition to small sided fields as well as the Under 9s.

Whilst the State and National titles both had to be cancelled, we were able to see a fantastic weekend of female football as Northside Christian Football Club hosted Under 13 Girls zonal teams from North, South-East and Sunshine Coast zones. This is a great step forward in promoting female football within the QCSA family and we thank Northside Christian, Andrew Haddock and all of the people involved in getting this together.

As the season started, clubs were aware that teams that finished top of the table would be crowned Champions – a change from the norm under the circumstances. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight the final 2020 competition Champions in each of the competitive Age Groups. 

Raceview Over 40s Division 1 North Pine Senior Women Division 1
Southside Eagles Over 40s Division 2 Logan United Senior Women Division 2
Sunnybank Saints Over 30s Division 1 St Pauls Uniting Under 15/16 Girls
Westminster Over 30s Division 2 Mansfield Eagles Under 14 Division 1
Beaudesert Senior Men Division 1 North Pine Under 14 Division 2
Manfield Eagles Senior Men Division 2 Sunnybank Under 13 Division 1
Whitehill Senior Men Division 3 North Pine Under 13 Division 2
Mansfield Eagles Senior Men Division 4 St Pauls Uniting Under 12 Division 1
Mandfield Eagles (on GD) Senior Men Division 5 Blackstone United Under 12 Division 2
Brisbane Valley Under 15/16 Boys Division 1 North Pine Under 12 Division 3
Westminster Under 15/16 Boys Division 2 Northside Christian Under 12 Division 4
Rivers Baptist Under 15/16 Boys Division 3 Sunnybank Saints Under 11 Division 1
    Mansfield Eagles Under 11 Division 2
    Rivers Baptist Under 11 Division 3