New QCSA President Richard Sidney has made it a priority to better engage with the wider SEQ Footballing Community.

“For a long time there seems to have been a perception that the QCSA sat outside the tent that is the South-East Queensland Footballing Community. I want to change that.” Mr Sidney said.

Established in 1969, the QCSA has existed for well over 50 years offering players the chance to play football at a variety of levels. Despite the strong links it has built within the community, not a lot is known about the QCSA within the footballing community itself.

“There is no doubt that we as an Association could have been much more proactive in letting people know who we are. We have a great story to tell.”

Mr Sidney said that despite the profile of the QCSA being quite low, the association and its clubs were still able to attract thousands of players each year.

“At the end of the day we have numerous players who have played under a variety of different associations in QLD. The beauty of our sport is that we don’t discriminate. If a good product is there, players will be attracted. It’s now the job of me and my Management Committee to show the rest of the footballing community what we can offer.”

Mr Sidney stressed that the QCSA was not a competitor to any other Association.

“We want to provide opportunities for players to play football in a friendly, inclusive and accepting environment. We’re not competitors for anyone, we’re just an alternative for players.”