About us

About QCSA

In 1969 a group of people from different churches got together to create this soccer association. It was important that it provided an alternative to playing on Sundays, as well as teaching children worthwhile values. The name decided upon was “Queensland Churches Soccer Football Association BID (Brisbane/Ipswich Division).”

Two reps from each of the original six clubs (Blackstone United Welsh, Bundamba Salvation Army, Nundah Wavell, Salisbury Baptist, Salvation Army & St Pauls) met and elected our very first committee: Eric Jones (Blackstone) was President; Wal Brown (St Pauls) was Secretary; John Gibbs (Nundah), Norm Parker (St Pauls), Norm Rule (Salvation Army) and Merv Zimmerman (Salisbury) completed the officials.

Established in 1969 and incorporated in 1996, the Queensland Christian Soccer Association (QCSA) is an independent body set up to enable those who cannot play on Sundays, to have an alternative to the mainstream soccer body who play on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

This growth of this Association is attributable to the following factors:

  • A growing number of parents find the emphasis on no drugs/alcohol practices reassuring.
  • The same people feel drawn to the ‘fun rather than winning at any cost impulse’ which emphasises a play hard, play fair, play clean environment, where winning isn’t everything.
  • QCSA is more economical and less demanding on family budgets. This is especially important in economically disadvantaged areas.
  • A growing number of ethnic groups see the Church as their first recognisable point of contact. As a result, more ethnic teams are entering the Association and becoming an important component of its membership.
  • QCSA is represented by a growing number of female teams with mixed teams common up to age 14.
  • QCSA makes room for people with a disability, emphasising values of access and sportsmanship over those of elitism. In fact, QCSA at one time had a hearing impaired team.
  • QCSA adopts the philosophy of non-interference in the affairs of its affiliates, providing broad guide lines only as a means of overall direction. This is attractive to many who have suffered under an unsympathetic and inflexible governing body.
  • QCSA is in fact serving a growing ‘niche’ market and is deserving opportunity to develop. This is for the simple reason that a stronger Association will make the acceptance of religious and ethnic minorities that much easier in the future.

Our Values

We promote positive engagement with one another as we foster a Christian faith-based community where all are welcome.

We encourage behaviour of a high standard and aim for professionalism in our outlook and approach.

We cultivate respect for self, respect for others and respect for the game.

We offer the chance to strive for improvement, share experiences and find a place to belong.